How to do startup in a true way

startup is not making product, money or even service customer.
the true reflection of startup is how to build a sustainable
startup journey
a startup flow

A company with had the misfortune of forecasting significant customer
adoption in millions for one of its new product , with splashy launch and
huge investments in massive hiring, infrastructure and technical
support to handle massive influx of the customer. When the customers
failed to materialize. They had “achieved failure” successfully, faithfully,
and rigorously executing a plan that turned out to have been utterly

The Startup process , in contrast, is designed to teach you how
to drive a startup. Instead of making complex plans that are
based on a lot of assumptions, you can make constant
adjustments with a steering wheel called the Build-Measure-
Learn feedback loop
. Through this process of steering, we can learn
when and if it’s time to make a sharp turn called a pivot or whether we
should persevere along our current path. Once we have an engine that’s
revved up, the Startup offers methods to scale and grow the business
with maximum acceleration.